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Global Warming - A Fresh Perspective

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Certain tree-hugging granola munchers say that   
Some scientists say that our world is slowly heating up due to man's emission of GreenHouse gasses.

I say the Chicken-Littles don't know their asterisk from a
I say this may not be so...

We (and they) can't have our cake and eat it too. Let's look at what those same scientists say about other subjects and then plug that information into the Global Warming issue.


Info reconfirmed March 2010 at http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2010/03/100304142242.htm

Dinosaurs roamed the Earth until an asteroid smashed into Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula. The impact of that asteroid strike sent tons of pulverized and vaporized dirt particles into the atmosphere. The effect of all this foreign material in the atmosphere was to cool the Earth's temperature. Down, down, down the temperature went, bringing on the most recent ice age.
Asteroid Approaches The Earth       Asteroid Crashes Into Earth

Images from Smithsonian (Click Here)

Industrial Revolution - Smokestacks

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Species Extinction

Great concern has been expressed about the possibility of mass species extinction due to the impending warmer temperatures. As if the existing species are not instinctive enough to move themselves to a more tolerable environment. As the temperature rises, each new generation of a species would gradually migrate northward until they found a new habitat which would have the temperature range for which they were designed. Other species would simply adapt to the new, hotter environment. That's what Darwin & his academic progeny have claimed since the abolition of God and Creation.

What should Christians do?

Nothing. Bible-Believing Christians know that God has a 'burning' in store for the coming End Times. Previously God destroyed all life on Earth (except passengers on Noah's Ark) by a water Flood. Next go 'round, God has promised to destroy the Earth with Fire! Just as Christians hailed the formation of the new Israel as a sign of the impending Second Coming of Christ, so too should Christians welcome the speedy arrival of a Hot Earth as further evidence of the nearness of Jesus' Second Coming.


With all the evidence shown here, the solution to Global Warming is clear. Global Warming can be cured by Nuclear War. Nuclear war in judicious proportions will bring on Nuclear Winters which will stabilize the planet's temperature.

Nuclear War can effectively reverse the warming trends and bring back livable temperatures.

Unsorted Note: Michael Mann's Hockey Stick claim makes necessary a re-write of the Thule Peoples' demise

The Canadian Encyclopedia declares that the Thule Peoples' demise was from the effects of the lowered temperatures of the Little Ice Age . When Michael Mann "smoothes out" (i.e. eliminates) the Medieval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age from his fabricated version of the historical temperature record, the long-recognized cause of the demise of the Thule People gets eliminated too. Historians will now have to either tell Mann to "get lost", or they will have to make up a new explanation for the demise of the Thule People.

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