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Washington Legal Foundation

Wow was I surprised when I stumbled upon the Washington Legal Foundation (WLF) website! Many Conservatives and most Republicans are continually whining about the ACLU and their attached Bleeding Heart Liberals. But the Washington Legal Foundation (WLF) is the "ACLU for Republicans".

WLF seems to be a group of Lawyers who fight for the right of rich Corporations to violate Federal and State laws.

In one case, the WLF successfully got a court to order a new trial for a Large Rich Corporation (San Diego Gas & Electric) that had willfully violated Federal EPA asbestos removal standards.

http://www.wlf.org/upload/WLF Amicus US v. SDGE.pdf (PDF file)

Part of WLF's argument as to why SDG&E should be given a free pass for their deliberate violation of Federal Law is because there supposedly is no proof that any asbestos got on the ground. Okay, so rather than follow Federal Law and spend thousands or possibly tens of thousands to have the asbestos removed by a State & Federally licensed Asbestos-Removal Company you just order your $8 dollar an hour janitor to put on a dust mask and go back with his hammers, scrapers, brooms and shovels and get that asbestos out of there. Then you have the same $8 dollar an hour guy sweep, mop and vacuum the area. Throw all the asbestos and the sweeping in the dumpster with the regular trash, and come Trash Day, all your asbestos problems are gone! And you didn't pay anything to have it removed because your janitor was already on the payroll!

Now, for sure, this is not exactly what happened, but when you read about the incident you can just see the Executives making a profit-motivated decision to completely, deliberately and willfully ignore Federal Law.

Criminal defense attorneys can win a lot of cases if they study WLF's legal arguments at the Supreme Court and other Federal Courts and put those same arguments to use for their clients.

I can hear it now. Many criminal cases being won by the defendant. "Your honor, I know I did an illegal U-Turn, but there is no proof that any other cars were near me at the time so I take the SDG&E exception and ask for a directed verdict of not guilty."

Other gems from WLF's site (Note: "Court urged" means WLF urged the court):

Court Urged to Overturn Conviction for Insider Trading
http://www.wlf.org/upload/043009Nacchio.pdf (PDF file)

Court Urged to Crack Down on Frivolous Securities Lawsuits
Got cheated out of your retirement nest egg? Do you want to sue them in court? Not if WLF gets their way.
http://www.wlf.org/upload/031709Gilead.pdf (PDF file)

WLF Applauds Obama Administration Decision to Uphold Invocation of "State Secrets" Privilege
http://www.wlf.org/upload/020909KL.pdf (PDF file)

Court Urged to Impose Liability Only on Firms Whose Product Caused Injury
(1st drug company invented the drug, 2nd drug company was producing it. WLF says only the 2nd drug company is liable because the 1st drug company had no duty to warn anyone of the dangers unless they (the injured people) are an actual customer of the 1st drug company)
http://www.wlf.org/upload/011209RS.pdf (PDF file)

More to come when I get back from my Procrastinators Anonymous meeting.