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Joe Hepperle uses this page to check his local time and date. Too often his computer crashes and loses the system time, or either Bill Gates (i.e. Windows) or some website thinks Joe's computer system time should be changed.

Joe Hepperle doesn't like to have to get up to check the kitchen clock time (and elsewhere for the date) when he is fervently trying to undo unrequested invasions by Gates (i.e. Windows) or by some rogue website.

Joe Hepperle does NOT like this clock from some other website (free.timeanddate.com). But, Joe Hepperle doesn't dislike it either. It works for now. Sometimes I think it might be doing more on Joe's computer than just "giving" Joe Hepperle the time and date. Joe Hepperle needed a solution. It works for now. Your results may differ. Lather, rinse, repeat.