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A collection of Joe Hepperle stuff. Humor, knowledge, ignorance, opinion, fact, fiction. . .
  1. America's Downfall - Things that are wrong
  2. Joe's letter to the Bank (Re: Phishing)
  3. Joe's letter to Codepink...
  4. English Only! (Diss is a 'Murika -- we don't speek no fern stuff)
  5. Ivory-Billed Woodpecker discovered!
  6. Why Americans still haven't converted en masse to the Metric system
  7. Ozone? What ozone?
  8. French is not a beautiful language.
  9. Washington Legal Foundation (How rich businesses buy their Court decisions)
  10. Dispelling false information
  11. Quotes that I like...
  12. Shills...
  13. Roy Roger's horse, Trigger, In Denver, Colorado
  14. Global Warming - A Fresh Perspective
  15. Farm Chemicals in our water supply - Here's Why (farm field tiling)
Why I quit Firefox:
Step 1:    Download latest Firefox
Step 2:    Two months later, receive Notice from Firefox that their Browser is unsafe...
Step 3:    Go to STEP 1, and repeat endlessly.

see here: (Firefox Version Release History)